Perfect Fit Blinds

A perfect fit without compromising on style.

Want quick and clean installation? Perfect fit blinds require no drilling or screwing into your window frames. Plus, the little or no gap at the edge of the blinds when installed increases your privacy. This also minimises the opportunity for light intrusion through the gaps which otherwise may be created from having a different type of blind and track installed inside your window recess.

We also take pride in delivering you with Perfect fit blinds which are child safe, we believe this to be very important especially when considering adding something permanently to your home. There are no stray cords or loops which could become a potential hazard meaning it is classed as one of the safest blinds to purchase to date. As well as the safety aspect, having a cordless operating system results in window sills being left clutter-free. Being easily removable for cleaning, these blinds are perfect for conservatories or sun rooms where there is a vast space with large quantity of windows to dress.

The Perfect Fit frame also offers outstanding thermal efficiency. The frame fits flush against your window to help reduce heat build-up in summer and retain heat in winter, in turn helping to keep air conditioning and heating bills down. The fit of the frame also means that there is no compromising when it comes to opening doors and windows so the blinds can remain closed or open, something which is not only unique to this particular type of blind but also essential when it comes to conservatory use. The addition of these blinds will benefit the whole household and will definitely look great in the process.

Other Services


Our vertical blinds are extremely popular with commercial spaces and offices. Verticals offer excellent control of how much light is filtered into a room, and provide privacy as well as protecting furniture from sunlight.


Venetian blinds offer precise control of light intensity and direction with the quick twist of a wand. Sleek in design, the choice of colours and finishes available means that Venetians suit any style of decor.


Roller blinds are the perfect blind for adding simple style to your home. Easy to operate, they are the ultimate functional blind perfect for any room. We offer the widest range of fabrics to tailor our roller blinds to suit you.


Our bespoke roman blinds range will add warmth and sophistication to your home, and are ideal if you are looking for a modern alternative to curtains. We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial fabrics for you to choose from.


Blinds R Us are happy to provide commercial blinds of any size. Our tailor made blinds are fit for commercial use and offer substantial, long-lasting quality to ensure that any building space is fully equipped for a long period of time.

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